Custodian Wealth Builders Scam… Fact or Fiction?

For thousands of years every culture has had to deal with someone trying to scam something one way or another. It’s probably the second oldest occupation next to… well, I am sure you get what I mean. The point is, we should always be vigilant about what people say, and conduct our own research on a topic before making significant decisions that will affect our future, and the lives of those around us.

Fact or fiction? It has come to my attention that some people claim the Custodian Wealth Builders program is a scam of some sort. Well, as a former fraud investigator, I have to ask where is the proof? Fraud, which is really what a scam leads to, is by simple definition “deliberate deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain.” Essentially there are five elements required to establish that any fraudulent activity has occurred. They are: (1) A misrepresentation of fact; (2) Knowledge of falsehood; (3) Intended Reliance; (4) Actual reliance by plaintiff; (5) Damage.**

Therefore, when an organisation, already well established, and financially secure, offers people expert advice based on a proven track record, is labeled as a scam, one has to wonder why someone would make such an accusation. More often than not, people who have failed during the process, either through lack of commitment, force majeure, or simply failure to respond to the advice given, tend to find a way to point the finger outwardly rather than inwardly. However, that does NOT constitute fraud in any legal system.

Let’s ponder the image pasted here for a moment. Is the gloved hand taking the wallet, or placing the wallet? While many might say, “taking.” A counter-argument can stake claim for the opposite. It all depends on your perception of things. Just because the gloved hand is wearing black, some would instantly assume the worst and jump to ill-conceived conclusions despite a distinct lack of evidence. I have to ask is this how you make important decisions? Or, are you someone who looks more carefully at a broader view of evidence before deciding? I always educate my executive employees to make ‘informed’ decisions, not irrational or emotional ones.

Custodian Wealth Builders, like them or not, is an organisation based on proven success. Not everyone is going to achieve what they want, simply because many are not prepared to listen, execute a proven strategy, or implement the strategy accurately. My own personal success have come from identifying a suitable mentor, then listening and emulating everything I can until I am confident of acting on my own behalf. Doesn’t that seem like common sense to you?

As the author of this blog article, I can tell you that personally I am no expert in Property Investment, and if I had hard earned money to invest, I would want the best advice I can get. I can either listen to the guy next door who seems to know everything about anything and yet have nothing, or I can turn to someone who has a proven track record of success. One example is the Baily family, who achieved a lot in 8 years. They’ve gone from having their own home to having 10 investment properties, plus own their own home. With independence, freedom, choice, they can now really pick up and do things as they want to, rather than forced to do things. Listen for yourself by clicking here

Custodian Wealth Builders are considered just one of many experts in the field of property investment. They provide a considerable amount of feedback for you to be the judge! Why not go to their site and actually judge for yourself – Custodian Wealth Builders Reviews

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