John Fitzgerald Wealth

Drawing on the experience and proven results of founder John Fitzgerald, wealth creation strategies and a team of professionals are made available to each of our valued Custodian Wealth Builders clients, to lead you toward your financial freedom.

Custodian have formed a group of the finest individuals at every level to deliver the best services, processes and expertise to our clients across Australia. Many of our key staff are active property investors within the Custodian program.

Dirk Brammall became a client of Custodian in 2003, and had such faith in their model that in 2008 he decided to change his career and join the company as a consultant.

Although he is John Fitzgerald’s nephew, James Fitzgerald has managed to make quite a name for himself within the JLF Group. In 2009, he started out as a member of their in-house Counsel Division, working to complete his Degree in Law and Accounting at Bond University.

With a strong background in contract management and a genuine passion for property having grown up in a family culture well-grounded in the industry, James took the helm of Custodian Construction last year.

We are a strong team here at Custodian and we are here to help you achieve your financial dreams!

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