Custodian Wealth Builders Reviews – Our Social Media Commitment

Social Media has become a pretty important platform these days hasn’t it? It has become an important platform for businesses getting their marketing messages out to their prospects and clients, but also for clients and prospects to communicate with businesses, offering feedback and suggestions.

At Custodian, we have made a strong commitment to our clients and prospect through our Social Media platforms – we love the two way communication and also the opportunity to let everyone know what we are doing, on platforms you are using. So in this post, I have summarised where we are on Social Media (So you can find us) and the activities we are carrying out on the various platforms.

Facebook – Our Facebook page is our major communication tool. We use our Facebook page ( to let everyone know when our upcoming free workshops are (on our events tab), keep our investors and clients inspired, and also to draw attention to industry and investment news that comes up.

LinkedIn – On our LinkedIn company page ( we post more professional or business related information. Using it also on occasion to find professional staff. So its a great profile to follow if you are a professional in the property investment industry.

Pinterest – The main reason we use Pinterest ( is to bring inspiration to our clients and investors. Its a great platform for imagery, and there are so many inspiring images out there aren’t there. We also use Pinterest to give little sneak peaks of the course material in our educational programs.

YouTube – We have a YouTube channel ( which we use for our major educational messages. Every week we post a short video about property investing, current conditions, or mindset and personal development thoughts. Its a great channel to subscribe to if you want ongoing and free education in property investing.

We also have a twitter feed and a Google+ profile. You are welcome to join us on all our platforms and “join the conversation”.

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