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Capacity Workshop Hilton Sydney, Jan '15

Capacity Workshop Hilton Sydney, Jan ’15

This great image was taken at one of the Custodian workshops held in Sydney, this one was conducted January 2015. It was a great workshop with over 60 keen investors attending, all setting their goals and implementation plans for 2015 – taking that first step to financial success.

When you attend one of our workshops, you become an integral part of the Custodian team. We are here after all to serve you. So as part of our team, your thoughts and feedback become crucial to ensuring we continue to serve you best. So we would love to hear your thoughts on the event you attended.

There are a number of ways you can do this. Given you are here, reading this article already, you are welcome to post your thoughts about your event as a comment to this post. If you decide to do this, it would be great to know where your event was held, and the date. That way your feedback will be specific to us.

Another option would be to visit the Custodian Facebook page and either post a comment onto our page, or leave us a message. We are very active with our Social Media and would love to interact with you on these platforms. We have quite an engaged and growing audience too, so I am sure everyone can gain from your insights.

The last way you can offer your thoughts to us is via our “traditional” channels – by phone call or email, the details of which you can get from our Contacts page.

Having attended one of our events though, I also wanted to ensure you were aware of some of the free resources we offer on our website, all aimed at helping you achieve your financial freedom. You can review these resources at the following link:

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